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Much of the equipment used on a pipeline ROW during mainline construction is unique to the Pipeline industry.

Conventional & Hydraulic Side Booms, Trencor, Cleveland, 710 & Barber Green Ditching Machines, Ozziepadder, Hale buckets, Vacu-Lift, Stringing pole trailers, Dynapad shaker, HDD, Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), Mormon Board, Linkbelt clams, Sauerman Drag Scraper Dredger, Bending Machine and Mandrel, Prep/Facing Machines, Rock Hammer, Auto-welding bugs, Squeeze Pumps, Test Heads….

Each different piece of equipment and each phase of construction has an associated history of specific accidents. Many of these accidents reoccur from project to project. Ninety five percent of all accidents that will occur on your project and their associated causes are known and can be identified in a pre-job hazard assessment (HAZCON) well before your project kicks off. Risk mitigation measures can be incorporated into plans and procedures generated during the initial project planning to prevent a re-occurrence of these known potential accidents.

Each piece of equipment and crew are associated with known specific hazards that cause accidents to reoccur on one project after another.

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